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Dog Survives 100-Mile Ride In Truck’s Engine


"Chevy" Survives Ride In Engine “Chevy,” a 25-pound pooch, hitched a ride in the engine compartment of a Chevy Silverado and went on a 110-mile ride from Chino to San Clemente, California.

Jaime Magaña, a 52-year-old building-restoration supervisor from Chino, was driving the Silverado and says he had no idea the dog was in the engine.  He said he stopped at a McDonalds in San Clemente and turned off the engine, then he felt the truck moving around.

He went to inspect what was causing the movement and noticed a tuft of fur near the wheel well.  He says he was afraid to open the hood of the truck, out of fear of what he might find, but he did anyway.

“When I opened the hood he looked at me like thank you very much,” Magaña told KTLA. “I didn’t want to pull him out. … maybe something was broken.”

Magaña gently lifted the dog out of the engine compartment, gave him some water and called 911.

“The dog is doing very well, not affected by the long ride down there,” said Kim Cholodenko, general manager at the San Clemente-Dana Point Animal Shelter, according to KTLA-TV.

Chevy is being held at the animal shelter until his owners can be found.  If no one comes forward, the dog will be put up for adoption.

Chevy isn’t the first dog this week to make headlines by taking hitching an unconventional ride, read about the poodle-mix that was caught in the grill of a car. 

If you’re having trouble viewing this video, follow this link to L.A. Times Blog.


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