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Drama On The Set of IRT


IRT: Drama On The Set
Rick Yemm

It appears there’s more than one type of drama on the set of “IRT: Deadliest Roads.”  Rick Yemm recently did an interview with Huliq.com and didn’t hold back, challenging Lisa Kelly and G.W. Boles, and calling out Kelly on her diva-like behavior. 

Yemm tells Huliq that producers tried to instigate fights between himself and driver Dave Redmom.

They tried getting a fight going with me and Dave right off the start. I’m a scrapper, he’s a scrapper, we both have the exact same personality, so that’s a perfect thing to get a fight going. Fortunately, Dave’s smarter than the average bear, and so am I. So, when they put us together, we didn’t do anything.

The men’s unresponsiveness didn’t do much to quell the show’s efforts of creating a conflict.  Yemm said the production staff did all they could to manipulate the drivers.

Either too smart or too diva for her own good, Lisa Kelly had her manager accompany here anywhere she went.

“Maybe I’m not as smart as Lisa that way, but I’m not a superstar or anything,  Yemm said.  So, she brings a manager to do all of her fights. If she doesn’t want to drive, he tells them she’s not going to drive and she sits in the hotel and that’s all she does. Me and Dave try to be independent and do this on our own.

[pullquote align=”right”]So, more and more of this ˜reality TV’ thing is being exposed. We’re characters. That’s it.[/pullquote]

Kelly Refuses To Drive

Yemm says he left Bolivia because Kelly refused to drive.

“We’re going down a road called the Death Road. There was no misconception of what you signed up to do, but when she gets there, she doesn’t have to drive, and I’m told I have to. We found out that she wasn’t driving 90% of the time. Every time it got dangerous, she wouldn’t drive. Yet, I can’t drive as good as she does. I’ve been doing this crazy driving here and heavy routes for 17 years, Yemm told Heliq. I was the only one that went to India without any incident. No accident, not a rub, not a dent, nothing. Did they put that on TV? No, ˜cause that’s not my character. I cannot be the best in the business.

Rick issues this challenge to IRT: Deadliest Roads drivers Lisa and G.W. Boles:

Let’s see, without production manipulation, who are the better drivers: Seasoned drivers, like myself and Dave, or show-made drivers, like Lisa and G.W. They are show-made people.

Yemm’s Thoughts on Kelly

Yemm says that many fans think Kelly is friendly and that she loves to chat with her fans.  Untrue, says Yemm.

“I’m the guy that when I’m done with the show, I’ll go have some beers with the truckers afterwards. Why? Because I’m a worker. Those are the guys I talk to and have a good time with. It’s not about the show and signing autographs; it’s about me hanging out with the people that are like ME. And, they say, ˜Oh, you’re NOTHING like they say you are on TV!’ I say, ˜No, I’m a little like that, but ¦ (shrugs).’ Then, when they meet Lisa, it’s the exact opposite. They think she’s really nice, and she’ll be the one that will sit and talk to you. Then, she’s the one who won’t take her earphones out at a promotional thing. So, more and more of this ˜reality TV’ thing is being exposed. We’re characters. That’s it.

Yemm on Being a Truck Driver 

Yemm says that real trucking is hard work and drivers don’t get the credit they deserve.

It’s been said [on the show] many times that I don’t like truck driving; I DON’T like truck driving! I don’t like doing a job and being treated like a criminal. You roll on the scale, you start sweating like you’re getting arrested, because they pull you in, they’re gonna fine the hell out of you if you did something wrong. The attitude toward truck drivers, even at places that deliver, it’s not good. Truck driving is a terrible, terrible industry. I like to drive. I don’t like being away from home. I’m not cut out to do that kind of work. There are guys out there that do it and I have a lot of respect for what they do because I’ve seen it and it’s not good. But, on the show, it just says that I hate truck driving.


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