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Dressing Professionally – Is It Important?


Originally Posted at Team Run Smart
Originally posted at Team Run Smart

This week, Kaitlin Cathey over at Team Run Smart addressed an issue that isn’t talked about much in the truck driving industry: appearance. She tries to make the case for why this is an important facet of a trucker’s professional work day. As they say, “Clothes make the man.”

At CDL Life, we understand that many truck drivers work hard for days at a time, and comfort is one of the most important things about their jobs. But we also know that the public’s perception of truck drivers isn’t the best, that’s why we started our site in the first place. But the fact remains that CDL Life, other websites and advocacy groups and you need to work together to change this perception, often based on snap judgements. One of the quickest ways to do that is improving your appearance.


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Why does Cathey consider it important?

  • You are the face of your business – you want to make sure you come across as experienced and reliable. No matter how good you are at your job, people are not inclined to take you seriously if you do not look like a professional.
  • A clean driver and a clean truck inspire confidence in potential customers – potential being the important word here.
  • Business practices can also be a gateway for snap judgements – make sure your demeanor, office messages, voice mail and email are consistent and respectable

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