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Drive Illegally Through This City And Your Truck May Be Seized


Queens, New York New York state Senator Tony Avella introduced a bill that aims to curb illegal truck traffic in northeast Queens.

If passed, the bill would allow law enforcement to seize and initiate the forfeiture process on trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds that have received three or more violations within 18 months for driving on roads not intended for trucks.

“One of the most frequent quality of life complaints my office receives is illegal truck traffic,” Avella told the Bayside Patch. “The incidence of illegal truck traffic has increased dramatically throughout my district and beyond. All too often, these huge trucks and tractor-trailers drive through quiet residential streets with little or no regard for residents, creating traffic congestion, noise, pollution and vibrations that shake the foundation of homes.”

Avella went on to say that many drivers know they aren’t allowed to be traveling down the residential roads but do so anyway to cut time and miles off of their route.  He is hoping that by strengthening the punishment, drivers will think twice before straying off of designated truck routes.

“Despite previous legislative efforts that have increased the penalties issued to truck d rivers for truck route violations, many trucking companies and drivers disregard these fines as merely the cost of doing business,” Avella said. “Therefore, the only other option is to seize the vehicles of perpetual violators of the truck traffic regulations.”


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