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Video: Drunk Driver Causes Head-On Crash


Drunk Driver Causes Head-On Crash WARNING: Graphic language and content.

This is a video two guys shot in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  They noticed a person driving a truck who was having a hard time staying in his lane.  One of the men began recording the driver.  A few seconds later, the drunk driver crosses over the line and hits a car head-on.

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A couple things to clear up: (written by the cameraman and/or passenger)

1. The silver truck struck two cars: the red car head on, and the white SUV that it clipped. The red car was waiting to turn left and probably had no time to move out of the way. The driver of the red car is the one laying on the ground and got a nasty cut on his head (there was about 30 seconds between the cut in the video, where bystanders used his shirt as a makeshift bandage on his head). Paramedics said he would be okay.

2. The occupants of the white SUV that got clipped were unharmed, mostly cosmetic damage to their vehicle.

3. The person who ran was NOT the driver, he was the passenger of the silver truck. We initially thought he was because we figured that’s why he was running; however, he was running to throw a bottle of rum away. We couldn’t find it because the person’s backyard where he threw it was like a jungle.


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