Man Faces More Charges In Truck Driver's Death

Man Faces More Charges In Truck Driver's DeathOn Thursday, September 27, 2012, a 34-year-old Conway truck driver was headed west on Interstate 44 in Missouri near Six Flags, when he came upon a stalled car sitting in the middle of the highway.

The stalled vehicle belonged to Matthew P. Snyders, 44, of St. Louis, who had just wrecked his car by slamming into a guardrail.

Another truck driver swerved his truck to avoid hitting the stalled vehicle and was able to pull off onto the shoulder of the highway.

Moments later, truck driver Joshua Sanders saw the stalled car and tried to swerve to avoid hitting it.  Sanders’ attempts were unsuccessful.  His truck struck Snyders’ vehicle and rolled, killing Sanders.

Snyders’ suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital.  He was later arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated.  Police said his blood alcohol was 0.187, two times the legal limit in Missouri.

This week, Snyders’ was charged with involuntary manslaughter.  He was arrested and later released after he paid 10% of a $50,000 cash bail.





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