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Duck Dynasty Reloading For Season 2


Duck Dynasty Season 2 Fans of Duck Dynasty , wait no longer, the band of  bearded brothers make their re-appearance tonight at 10/9C on A&E!   The Robinsons live deep in the Louisiana swamp and have made millions making hand-crafted duck calls and decoys.

Phil Robertson, the families’ patriarch, started whittling duck calls, out of cedar from the Monroe swamps, in his dilapidated shed more than 25 years ago. Robertson says he figured he could make better ones than those he found at on store shelves.

“I try to produce the sounds of the ducks I have heard in my ears, into this call. That’s what I do all day long,” he said.

“I’d drive up to these Walmarts and they’d run me out, ‘you think we’re gonna buy old duck calls off the street?’ I said, ‘Hey man, Colonel Sanders started with one chicken and… that’s good chicken, man,” Robertson said.

Today, Duck Commander’s business sells millions of dollars of merchandise.

Willie is Phil’s son and CEO of Duck Commander.  Willie has the job of running Duck Commander and keeping his brother Jase and his Uncle Si on task.

Jase is also Phil’s son and Willie’s brother.  Jase would rather be in the swamp than spending his days working, but when he does work, the entire family agrees Jase turns out some of the most impressive calls the company produces.

Miss Kay is the family matriarch and she rules the roost.  She’s sassy and loving and she takes advantage of the fact her boys love her.  Anyone who has seen the goat episode from Season 1, knows the depths of her children’s love for her.

Uncle Si is Phil’s brother.  He’s a slow talking, slow working reed master.  His job is to construct the reeds that give the calls their distinctive sound.  Si is easily distracted and always carries a cup of iced tea, drank from the same blue mug.

Get caught up! Watch full episodes of Season 1 on A&E. 

“This season on Duck Dynasty: Sadie attempts to get her driver’s license; John Luke starts dating, but Phil won’t let the teenage lovebirds out of his sight; Si gets fed-up with the duck call business and quits; the whole family pulls together and enters the local tractor race competition with a supped’ up racing machine; Kay asks Phil to build a playhouse for their granddaughters but he “looses” the directions; Willie takes a by-any-means-necessary approach to losing weight for his high school reunion; and Si is conned into a pricey purchase at the used car lot,” A&E states.

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