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Ferro Denounces ATA’s Claims About CSA


Ferro Denounces ATA's Claims FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro says that the ATA’s claim that the FMCSA is unresponsive to the needs of the trucking industry is untrue.

Ferro’s denouncement of the claim is in response to the ATA’s letter to the Highway Bill committee, in which the ATA said the FMCSA had become unresponsive to suggestions about ways to improve the Compliance Safety Accountability program.

Ferro says that the FMCSA has always strived to maintain a working partnership with the trucking industry.

One of the hallmarks of the CSA program is that we have been very open about what we are doing and about accepting input from industry stakeholders, law enforcement and drivers, Ferro told The Trucker late Tuesday while she waited for a flight to Washington. The preview period under way now embodies proposed changes recommended by the trucking industry.

To read more about the strained relationship of the ATA and FMCSA and Bill Graves’ response, follow this link to TheTrucker. com. 


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