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Florida Highway Patrol Campaigns to End Aggressive Driving


Florida Highway Patrol recognizes that cars driving aggressively contributes to crashes involving commercial vehicles.  In a two part campaign, the FHP is working to educate and ticket drivers who drive aggressively.
Back up, slow down and cool off.

That’s the word from Florida Highway Patrol officers, who will be out in force through April 4 to ticket aggressive drivers.

Call it phase two of the campaign known as Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks, an attempt to reduce the number of crashes, injuries and fatalities involving commercial vehicles.

The aim is to reduce these numbers by combining outreach and education with targeted enforcement activities to raise awareness among car and truck drivers about safe driving behaviors,” said Col. David Brierton, director of theFlorida Highway Patrol, in a news release about the intiative.

The Florida Highway Patrol is partnering with the Florida Trucking Association for the safety campaign, which involves trooper statewide on the lookout for drivers who commit violations attributed to aggressive driving, such as following too closely, unsafe lane changing and speeding.

Along with the targeted enforcement, the campaign involves billboard and radio messaging to increase awareness abotu safe driving. Activities at schools  and community centers are on tap as well.

“As an industry, safety is at the top of our minds,” said Mary Lou Rajchel, president and chief executive officer of the Florida Trucking Association. “It matters above all else.”

Her group, she added, is taking its ” ‘No Zone’ message about safe-driving behaviors around big rigs on the road with the Florida Highway Patrol.’ ”

“Pairing the ‘Big Trucks Equal Blind Spots’ message with the opportunity to ‘See What Our Drivers See’ through community education is a unique approach that we believe will promote responsible driving for everyone,” Rajchel noted in the release.



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