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Florida Trucker Saves Injured Woman


Truck Driver Saves Woman's LifeSeventy-five-year-old Marguerite Michaud, of DeBary, Florida, was out for her 8-mile daily walk when paramedics say her blood sugar dropped, causing her fell and hit her head.

Michaud was lying on the side of the road with a broken neck and her bloodied head was stuck to the curb when beer delivery driver Jason Pasquarella passed by on his route. Seeing Michaud lying there, Pasquarella turned his truck around and rushed to help her.

“As I walked closer I realized it was an older woman,” Pasquarella told The Daytona Beach News Journal. “She was bloody around the head and I could see she was unconscious and her arm was quivering.”

Pasquarella, a former lifeguard, tapped Michaud on the shoulder, bringing her back to consciousness.  Pasquarella phoned 911 and instructed her to not move.

When paramedics arrived, they transported Michaud to the hospital.

“A CAT scan showed my mother broke her neck, she had a broken nose and a broken socket around her eye,” Michaud’s daughter, Sue Asa said. “She must have completely blacked out and there was nothing to block her fall and fell flat on her face.”

Michaud’s children credit Pasquarella with saving their mother’s life. Kent Michaud told the News-Journal, “Jason stayed with her until the help arrived. Our mother was bleeding very badly and because Jason noticed her and stopped she is now recovering and in stable condition at Halifax.”

Asa echos her brother’s sentiment.

“My family is proud of the fact the young man (Pasquarella) took the time to help somebody who was obviously in distress,” she said.

Pasquarella said he doesn’t consider himself a hero and says that anyone who is caring would have done the same thing.

According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Michaud is in a neck brace but it expected to fully recover.









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