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FMCSA Adds 8th Cross-Border Participant


Mexican Pilot Program 2012The FMCSA has just approved the 8th cross-border participant, though the FMCSA’s decision to do so has drawn some ire.  We first reported on GCC Transport’s cross-boarder participant application in early August of this year.

OOIDA President Jim Johnston sent a letter to FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro, requesting the FMCSA investigate GCC’s affiliates, suggesting that GCC had not been forthcoming in its application when it listed it did not have relationships with any companies currently or formerly in the cross-border program, which was false.

In response, the FMCSA said, “During the carrier vetting and PASA process, FMCSA reviewed its records related to the affiliates, and confirmed that the companies are in good standing.”

GCC is located in Juarez, Colima, Mexico and has a driver fitness score of 90.4%.  The FMCSA says the high score is attributed to the carrier’s 60 violations for using non-English speaking drivers. In contrast, GCC has an out-of-service rating of 7%.  The national average is 20.7%.

In spite of concerns and a high driver fitness rating,the FMCSA announced that it has approved GCC’s application.

The acceptance of GCC into the program will triple the number of trucks and double the number of drivers in the program.

To read more about GCC and the cross-border program, follow this link to The Trucker.


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