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FMCSA to Redefine Tanker

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Feds to scale back tanker definition, drivers still exposed to penalties

Until the FMCSA issues a new rule to scale back its definition of tank vehicle that has been on the books for the past 11 months, truckers hauling commonplace loads in fluid bins remain exposed to potential out-of-service orders and serious violations at roadside. The good news is the FMCSA has taken the first steps to re-examine the issue.

Prior to a May 2011 final rule on CDL testing and learner’s permit standards, the definition of tank vehicle did not apply to commonplace fluid bins that many truckers haul without needing a tank endorsement on their licenses.

That particular rule changed the definition, designating a vehicle as a tanker if it hauls any containers of liquid or gas with a rated capacity of 119 gallons or more as part of an aggregate of 1,000 gallons that aren’t permanently attached to the vehicle.

On March 30, the FMCSA granted a petition by the American Trucking Associations for the agency to open a new rulemaking to re-examine the definition.

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