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Free Movie Friday: “Quarantine”


Truck Driver Movie Night "Quarantine"
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Hey there truck drivers! We’re back with another installment of our Free Movie Friday for your R&R time. This week, it’s a first-person camera, thrill a minute chiller called “Quarantine” from 2008.

Quarantine is about a local news crew who decide to find out what it’s like to work for a night-time fire fighting team in Los Angeles. At first, the night is silent and boring and news reporter Angela nearly calls the whole thing off. Then…

Suddenly the firefighters were summoned to a nearby apartment building to answer a routine 911 call. Upon arriving at the scene, Angela and company discover that police have already arrived to investigate the blood-curdling screams ringing out from one of the apartments. One of the women living in the building has been infected with something terrible, but what?

When a few of the other residents are viciously attacked, the fire fighters decide it’s time to call in some help. But their cell phones won’t connect. None of the phones in the building work. They try to leave and discover that the CDC has quarantined the building and warns everyone inside that they may not leave under threat of death. The officials in charge won’t relay any information to those trapped inside the building, and it’s impossible to seek information from the outside since Internet, television, and cell-phone access have all been cut off. By the time the quarantine is lifted, the intrepid cameraman’s chilling footage provides the only evidence of the horrors that unfolded on that terrible night.

Feel like getting spooked tonight? Just hit play!

If the video won’t load on your device, follow this link. 

From Crackle: Quarantine

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