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Free Movie Night: District 9


Free Movies for TruckersHey truck drivers – ready to have fun with a free movie from Crackle? It might be just the thing if you have a couple of hours of down time after a meal or unloading some freight and need relief from your case of White Line Fever.

This week, we’re featuring a strange and crazy tale of alien invasion that isn’t your normal take on the legend. It’s called District 9 and it’s produced by Peter Jackson, the man behind the wildly successful Lord Of the Rings trilogy and the remake of the classic King Kong film.

First off, if you haven’t downloaded the Crackle mobile app, you can do that here for Android, and here for iOS. It’s free and will keep you updated on all the new material available.

District 9, directed by Neil Blokamp, starring Sharlto Copley, David James, Jason Cope, Mandla Gaduka, and William Allen Young.

It’s been years since mankind made first contact with a seemingly advanced race of beings. After tense periods of waiting as the giant ship floated over Johannesburg, South Africa – the aliens finally made themselves visible. Dashing the dreams of scientists and dreamers the world over, the aliens merely turned out to be refugees who were enslaved by another race, and had merely stolen the space craft to escape. Now they can’t travel out of Earth’s atmosphere and gravitational pull, nor even feed themselves.

The creatures were set up in a makeshift home in South Africa’s District 9 as the world’s nations argued over what to do with them. Now, patience over the alien situation has run out. Control over the aliens has been contracted out to Multi-National United (MNU), a private company uninterested in the aliens’ welfare – they will receive tremendous profits if they can make the aliens’ awesome weaponry work. But one man who finds a diabolical secret soon discovers man’s horrible new fate, and advanced weaponry won’t be enough to stop it.

Click the pic to get linked up at CrackleTV. The movie is rated R for some intense scenes of violence and blood, so you’ll need to put in your age to watch.

Enjoy, truck drivers!

Free Movie Night for Truckers


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