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Free Movie Night: Layer Cake (2004)


Truck Driver Movies Layer CakeHey truck drivers – we’re back with another episode of Free Movie Night. We scour the web to find the right kind of comedy, action and scary stuff that helps keep your boredom at bay while off the clock. This week, it’s another smooth action offering from CrackleTV.

If you don’t know about CrackleTV, it’s one of the web’s premiere free streaming media sites. The movies are uncut, but they also have a few breaks for commercials. Each commercial break is only about 15 – 20 seconds, so you hardly notice. If you don’t have their mobile app, get the CrackleTV app here for iOS and Android.

This week, the movie is called Layer Cake.

Layer Cake was basically the movie that made Daniel Craig’s career. Craig is the new James Bond. He got the part due to his performance here as a suave but tough drug chemist and dealer, and also because of his performance in Munich. Munich was about the 1972 Olympics that saw the abduction of Israel’s athletes by a terrorist cell and the standoff with German special forces that ended in tragedy. In Munich, Craig played a hardened Israeli assassin who had lots of bodies in his wake. That movie was directed by Steven Spielberg and was nominated for five Oscars.

Layer Cake wasn’t quite the critical darling, but it still got Daniel Craig and director Matthew Vaughn on the map worldwide.

What’s Layer Cake About?

Sleek, well-dressed and polite, our hero (Daniel Craig) has made a fortune selling cocaine and ecstasy without really getting his hands dirty. Now he’s looking to retire while he’s young enough to enjoy his ill-gotten gains. But crime boss Jimmy Price needs a couple of favors. It all sounds straightforward enough. But nothing’s ever simple. With a renegade Serbian warlord thrown into the equation and a host of dangerous lowlifes out to help and hinder him, our hero soon realizes getting out of the drug business just might cost him everything. Including his life.

Click the image below to start the movie over at CrackleTV. This movie is rated R for language and violence, so you’ll have to put your birthdate in first to watch.

Enjoy, truck drivers!

Truck Driver Movie Night Layer Cake



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