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Free Scary Movies on YouTube


Continuing our season of spooky and free treats, we went ahead and found some decent treats on the small screen for your down time.

If you don’t have a YouTube account, get one here. (You can use your google or gmail ID as a login, if you have one of those).

Here’s the free mobile YouTube app for Android phones, and here it is for the iPhone.

Ready? Let’s go!


Horror Movies for Truck Drivers
Watch Outpost at YouTube now.

Outpost A troop of British Special Forces are sent into a remote area to answer a distress call. It was supposed to be an easy, forty-eight hour mission: Move in, scope out an abandoned military bunker, and move out.

Once in the bunker, however, the fearless mercenaries begin to quake in their boots after happening across the remnants of some gruesome World War II experiments carried out by Nazi soldiers on their own men. But someone, or something is still alive down there.




Guillermo del Toro's Devil's Backbone
Watch The Devil’s Backbone at YouTube

The Devil’s Backbone – This haunted orphanage tale was the movie that got Guillermo Del Toro noticed by the Hollywood elite so he could make Hellboy, starring Ron Perleman, and then the Oscar-nominated Pan’s Labyrinthe.

A kind, old couple operate a small home for orphans in a remote part of Spain during the Spanish Civil War. They face the threats of soldiers during the day, and the even more worrying threat of starvation and cold at night. One day, a boy named Carlos arrives at the home, looking for a place to stay after being left behind by his parents. The old couple take him in, and the boy soon strikes up an unlikely friendship with a boy with a reputation for tormenting other kids. But Carlos soon begins having visions of a mysterious apparition he can’t identify, and hears strange stories about a child named Santi who went missing the day the bomb appeared near the orphanage.



Frankenstein 1994 Robert De Niro
Watch the 1994 remake of Frankenstein at YouTube

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – Robert De Niro attempts to re-interpret one of the most classic monsters of all time in this film from 1994.

As a medical student, the rebellious Frankenstein elaborates on the work of a brilliant scientist, successfully bringing to life a “man” assembled from the body parts of corpses. Upon realizing the destructive consequences of his experiment, Dr. Frankenstein abandons the creature and attempts to return to a normal life with his medical partner, Henry and his fiancée, Elizabeth.

In the meantime, the nameless creature struggles with loneliness and rejection from society until he sets out to track down his creator in search of revenge.



Hellbound Hellraiser II Clive Barker
Watch Hellraiser II free at YouTube

Hellraiser II – The sequel to the bloody and brutal Clive Barker classic. Many horror fans say this one is actually superior to the first. You be the judge.

The story picks up immediately after the events of the original, with the mentally unbalanced Kirsty confined to a mental hospital after her experiences in the hellish domain of the grotesque Cenobites, which included the gruesome death of her father. Her case attracts the attention of hospital director Dr. Channard, whose marked interest in her story has more than a little to do with his research into the occult.

The chief focus of this extracurricular activity seems centered on his impressive collection of puzzle boxes, one of which which opens the gateway to the Cenobites’ dimension. To further realize his diabolical obsession, Channard conducts grisly human sacrifices to resurrect the body of Kirsty’s evil stepmother, Julia who has literally been through hell and back and now has a bloody agenda.


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