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Freightliner Pairs Up with Rolling Strong Trucker Gyms


This week, Freightliner announced it would pair up with Rolling Strong to promote health awareness for professional drivers. The 2012 Rolling Strong tour kicked-off on April 18, 2012, but will continue through December 12, 2012.

Freightliner will supply a Cascadia truck for each of the 9 Rolling Strong events.  The trucks will be used as demonstration tools, to show drivers how they can exercise while on the road.

The Trucker Trainer, Bob Perry, will also be on had to show drivers exercise tips and movements.

In addition, Freightliner has collaborated with Rolling Strong to provide a one year membership to the Rolling Strong Driver Wellness Tool Bag Program to 50 drivers at each event.

“Providing drivers with the opportunities to learn about and embrace a healthier lifestyle while on the road is an important initiative that we are proud to support,” said TJ Reed, director of product marketing for Freightliner Trucks. “We are pleased to partner with Rolling Strong in its mission and on its 2012 Driver Wellness Tour.”

Together, Freightliner Trucks and Rolling Strong will be working with each of the drivers to help educate them on tools to improve their life on the road.

“This is an industry game changer having a global brand such as Freightliner Trucks to set the bar for others to follow that the message today is all about driver health,” said Bob Perry, “The Trucker Trainer(TM)” and chairman of the American Trucking Association’s Safety Management Council’s Health & Wellness Working Group and President of Rolling Strong. “Once again this shows the level of awareness and importance of providing drivers with the tools they need to keep them on the road to better health and get them home safely to their families.”


–MAY: CARLISLE, PA – 5.16.12

— JUNE: BROOKS, OR – 6.20.12

— JULY: LAKE STATION, IN – 7.18.12

— AUGUST: DALLAS, TX – 8.22.12


— OCTOBER: AVONDALE, AZ – 10.17.12



According to a press release,

 Each event will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will include the following activities:

        --  All sites will have a table for healthy product samples, coupons and
            educational materials from Kroger Pharmacy, Bayer and E-Boost. Drivers
            will have the opportunity to register to win fitness prizes.

        --  Kroger Pharmacies will have a wellness educator available for
            questions and BP readings.

        --  Bob Perry and Rolling Strong Trainers will be onsite to take drivers
            through 10 minute workouts using a truck. At each event drivers will
            have the chance to work out and learn more about wellness tools that
            are available to them where they work, on the road. Other exercises
            will include cardio and fitness activities using the "Trucker Trainer"
            PowerBlock set.

        --  In addition, drivers will have the opportunity to walk with Bob Perry
            as he rolls his GoodYear(R) Truck Tire for 7 miles at each event.
            The 7 mile tire roll is part of a 63 mile distance. Each mile
            symbolizes a year of a professional driver's life, with 61 years as
            the average lifespan, according to the Centers for Disease Control and
        --  One driver at each location will win a Grand Prize Wellness Package
            valued at $1,200. The package includes the "Trucker Trainer"
            PowerBlock Special Edition set, a PowerBlock bench, a six-month free
            membership to Snap Fitness using any nationwide locations, a $25 card
            to spend on Rolling Strong Nutritional Products and free monthly
            access to over 1,800 truck friendly healthcare clinics throughout the
            US to receive screenings.

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