Judge: New York State Thruway Tolls On Truckers Are Unconstitutional

Governor Cuomo Puts the Brakes On Thruway Toll
Today in a press conference, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the proposed 45% toll hike for the New York Thruway is no longer on the table.

Instead, other options have been suggested, such as cutting 361 jobs, scaling back benefits and shedding bad debt.  The proposed changes could save hundreds of millions of dollars.

During the press conference, Governor Cuomo assured the public that the new plan will not include a toll hike.

The looming threat of a toll hike has plagued drivers since May when the Thruway Toll Authority announced the proposed 45% toll hike to help cover the  $368 million budget short-fall.

The proposed toll hike outraged many.  Executives from the Price Chopper grocery store chain, Family Danz and Capital Region truckers all protested the toll hike.

The Thruway Toll Authority is scheduled to discuss the possible alternatives today.  CDLLife will bring you information on this topic as it becomes available.




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