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Healthcare Options for Truck Drivers


Truck Driver Options for HealthcareTruck drivers who lose their insurance face potential disaster. It’s been extensively documented that the trucking industry is currently under siege by obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and hypertension. Nearly 70% of all professional truckers are over their target weight. A good health plan option is more important for truck drivers now more than ever.

So what’s out there for drivers that don’t exactly have a big stash of cash at home to draw from? Kim Sheffield over at Team Run Smart ran an article this week that details many of the healthcare options for truck drivers, with points about which option serves what kind of driver best.

There was noticeable focus on the small, low-cost clinics run by many name brand pharmacies, but the article also made note of some plans offered by many truck driver advocacy groups. The lesson here is – don’t just give up. Do some research on your off-hours and you may be surprised at what you can find.

Here were some of the healthcare options the article detailed:

You might be reading this and pass it off as out of your reach, or simply unnecessary. Nothing could be further from the truth. Truck drivers who take the time just twice a year to get a regular check up will be able to spot and treat many life-threatening conditions before they develop into career-ending diseases. Don’t treat healthcare options as optional.


Alternative Options for Healthcare

“According to owner-operator data collected by ATBS, who has recorded over 55,000 health related issues for their clients, medical bills are one of the top three reasons an independent contractor will lose their business. An accident or illness to you or someone in your family can mean you are faced with large medical bills and/or time off the road. Time off the road is money not earned. This can lead to missed truck payments and eventually bankruptcy. The reality is that a lack of proper health and medical care can cost drivers their jobs and their lives.”

If a typical health insurance plan is unobtainable within your budget, here are alternative healthcare options available to drivers:

Read more of Kim Sheffield’s article over at Team Run Smart.


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