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Hero Truck Driver Wrestles Gun-Toting Robber


On Sunday, April 22, 1012, an Arco truck driver was delivering fuel to the AM/PM conveience store on Hagenberger Road in Oakland, California, when he noticed a gun-wielding, would-be robber pointing a gun at the clerk and demanding money.

Knowing he couldn’t stand by idly and watch the scene unfold, the driver ran into the store and grabbed the woman from behind. The two started wrestling for the gun. After a struggle, the truck driver was able to wrestle the gun from the woman.

Oakland Police Sgt. Brandon Wehrly said the incident began around 9:45 p.m.

We always tell people that money is not worth someone’s personal safety, but in this particularly instance the suspect demonstrated some actions where the coworker believed and acted in fear of the other coworker’s safety, Wehrly said. The man actually felt the suspect was going to pull the trigger.

The woman ran from the minute mart and has yet to be found.

Authorities are hoping the store’s closed-cirucit cameras captured the incident on film.


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