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Holiday IRS Tax Tips For Truckers


Team Run Smart
Team Run Smart

This week Heather Dunn over at Team Run Smart went over a quick list that outlined some tax deductions that truck drivers can claim during the holidays to get a little extra back at tax time.

We know that truck drivers might not have that much extra to claim or donate, but some of their suggestions are pretty good.

At CDLLife, we’ve gone over some regular tax tips for truck drivers that can be used as a little extra leverage during the “forced season of giving” in the spring, but during the holidays, there are a few extra things that might be worth looking into, just in case.

What are some quick tax tips for truckers?

  • Know what you can deduct – donated property, clothing, uniforms, household items and more.
  • Keep good records – visit irs.gov to see examples of written records that are acceptable.
  • Keep records in a safe place – fireproof safes, safety deposit boxes or with your tax professional if you have one.
  • Plan ahead for major purchases – and understand that many major purchases will take longer to be refunded.

Read the rest of Heather Dunn’s article over at Team Run Smart with some extra helpful links.



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