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Ice Road Truckers Season 6 Premiers Sans Lisa Kelly


Lisa Kelly No Longer To Appear On Lisa KellyFans of “Ice Road Truckers” may have noticed a key player missing from the season premier.  Lisa Kelly, who made her IRT debut on season 3 and later transitioned to “IRT: Deadliest Roads,” has left the show.

While the show remains mum on Kelly’s absence from the show, they have removed Kelly’s picture and bio from the show’s page.

Kelly confirmed the split on her facebook page saying, “As you’ve seen, I won’t be on the show. I want to extend my sincerest appreciation to the History channel. Throughout the seasons I’ve been on, they’ve been nothing short of spectacular in their support. I’m still a trucker and I think you’ve probably not seen the last of me. Most importantly, I want to thank Team Lisa fans. You are nothing short of the most amazing people out there. You’ve supported me through thick and thin, and I’ll still be here, keeping you up to date on all the adventures I am up to. Thanks everyone, and keep on truckin’. Shiny side is up  LK”

Fans of the show are outraged and have been speaking out on the show’s facebook page. One wrote, “Get Lisa back, she was the show. All of Lisa’s fans should put the pressure on the History Channel.  IRT sucks without Lisa.”

Another wrote, “My husband and I tried to watch, but did not last long. Where is Lisa? Will not be watching show without her. Oh well, there are plenty of other shows on other channels…”

In response to the comments, Kelly posted the following statement on her own page, “So who said anything about Team Lisa and I going anywhere? We’re all still a team. I’ll keep you up to date alllll the time. The journey continues. You’re all part of it,” which leads one to wonder what’s next to come for Kelly and the History Channel.

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