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Industry Opinions: Some Reg’s Just Need to be Broken


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Originally posted at Today’s Trucking magazine online

This week long-time trucking industry analyst and commentator Rolf Lockwood at Today’s Trucking had some choice words for all the new regulations and how effective they are. One new regulation that he actually likes may surprise you.

We’ve reported on lots of regulatory issues here at CDL Life and we try and stay neutral about them since some truck drivers appreciate them and some have resolved to hate them as long as they’re in the industry. We would rather let you do the talking (and guys like Rolf) because you deserve a voice. We just want to provide the platform.

So without further ado, here’s Rolf’s ideas on the futility of broad regulation.


Posted Nov. 14, 2012 by Rolf Lockwood at Today’s Trucking – You know I hate rules. If you’ve read this column even ­sporadically over the years, you’ll have ‘heard’ me bitching about everything from speed limiters to emissions mandates. But there’s one I like, which I’ll get to in a minute.

I have a particular hatred of hours-of-service rules, or at least of their nonsensically arbitrary nature. And therefore of electronic onboard recorders, EOBRs.

If I were out there hauling loads of widgets from A to B and back again, I’d go crazy in no time. Every day I’d find myself looking for a non-existent parking spot at a point when the law demanded it while my body would be saying ‘Whaaat? Already?’ And then I’d spend a few hours wide awake, bored stiff, and ­sitting still, the frustration growing with every minute. Like as not, when the numbers said I was good to go again, I’d be ready for a nap within an hour or three — but unable to take it because I’d never get the widgets to Wisconsin in time if I did.

And at that point I’d be legal but dangerous.

Read the rest at Today’s Trucking online.

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