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Industry Opinions: What Worries Truck Drivers


Today's Trucking Magazine
Originally posted at Today’s Trucking magazine online

This week at Today’s Trucking, Rolf Lockwood did a bit of thinking about the current state of the trucking industry in North America and what’s on the minds of most drivers. The top concerns shouldn’t be a surprise to most anyone, but he notes the difference in what trucking advocacy groups in Canada are doing about it compared to their American counterparts.

He also notes that unfortunately, no matter what media outlets like Today’s Trucking, Women In Trucking and CDL Life do to improve the public’s perception of truck drivers, they are still woefully misunderstood.

From the article by Lockwood:

“In the freight-hauling world a few key issues are worrisome to fleet owners and managers, according to a recent American survey that’s probably matched more or less by Canadian thinking.

The American Transportation Research Institute, an arm of the American Trucking Associations, found that carriers are most concerned about the effects of the ‘Compliance, Safety, Accountability’ regime — we know it as simply CSA. That finding was published in October, but a subsequent survey unveiled this month found that its impact has been smaller than was once feared. At least in terms of turfing marginal drivers from the industry. As much as 20 percent of the driving force, it was thought, wouldn’t be able to meet the more rigorous CSA safety compliance standards. In fact, says the latest examination of fleet experience, only five>>>

Read the rest of the article about things truck drivers are concerned about in 2012 at Today’s Trucking.




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