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Infographic: Basics of the Truck Driving Industry


The trucking industry is a complex and high-powered industry fueled by dedicated drivers and logistics. They literally make America work.

How much freight does the trucking industry deliver?

How much diesel fuel does the trucking industry consumer per year?

How much does a standard Class 8 tractor trailer weigh?

Our friends at National Truck Driving Jobs puts it all in perspective with this handy infographic.

One of the most interesting facts from this infographic tells us how much more fuel efficient modern trucks are as opposed to trucks from just 20 years ago. It’s quite eye-opening.

Have a look at this informative infographic truckers. You may be surprised how much goes into your day to day job. We at CDL Life were.

If you click on the image to view the full size version, please be patient. The infographic is really big!


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