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Infographic: Distracted Driving Dangers 2012


Ever since the hands on cell phone ban went into effect for professional truck drivers, we continue to hear the same request: Why don’t law enforcement agencies demand that ALL drivers be prohibited from using hands on cell phones while on the roads?

The answer is partly because 4 wheel commuters are regulated by state highway authorities, while truck drivers are regulated by state AND federal authorities. States are allowed to enforce their own standards for communication devices, driving habits, speeds and so on. Truck drivers must obey federal regulations like the hands-on cell phone ban regardless of what state their in.

But it’s been getting better as far as state government compliance on the issue. As this infographic created and published by our friends at Quinn Street notes, there are now 39 states that enforce a no tolerance cell phone while driving policy. While that may be all well and good, law enforcement agencies still need to do a better job of catching 4 wheelers in the act, since they cause nearly 70% of all fatal accidents on the highways, while truck drivers only cause around 18%.

Have a look at this nifty infographic on distracted driving and share it with a friend if you can.

Click on the image below to see the full size version.

Distracted Driving Statistics Infographic


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