Infographic: If Trucks Stopped

If Trucks Stopped 1

How fast would the well-oiled machine known as America sputter and stall if truck drivers weren’t bringing us everything we need? This infographic based on a study by the ATA says, “Pretty quick.”

CDLLife wrote an article previously that gave specific details about what happens if trucks stop.

Truck drivers found it interesting, and so did we.

In less than a week, hospitals will run out of basic medical supplies like insulin, bandages and blood. Runs on food and supply markets will eradicate any surplus of food, fuel and essentials.

In less than a month, the entire healthcare system will grind to a halt for anything but the most vital of surgeries or the simplest of treatments. Every factory in North America will be offline and no one will be paid. Cities will become cesspools as garbage trucks cease to haul waste, and sewer trucks no longer bust the bilge-clogged water and sewer lines.

Only the most politically connected rich and powerful will be able to locate and afford anything. Within a month, America transforms into a third world country, drowning under the weight of its crumbling infrastructure and waste.

So the next time you see a truck driver, shake their hand and tell them “Thank you.” They work hard so your family gets what they need, every day of the year.

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If Trucks Stopped is an infographic brought to you by CDL Life.