Spotting Lot Lizards in the Wild InfographicMost truck drivers have seen lot lizards milling around truck stops looking for ways to make a buck. Just in case you’re a new driver and want to protect your truck, property and ehh, person, we thought we would post up this humorous infographic that is a type of field guide for detailing the different types.

And don’t get us wrong – we know truck drivers can get lonely on the road sometimes and would enjoy some female company. Having said that – a little female company with a lot lizard can be a ton more trouble than it’s worth. Sometimes lot lizards are used by their handlers to case a truck driver’s property. Many also carry drugs with them, which means if they attract the attention of law enforcement and you have them in your truck, you could wind up with double violations on a dime.

We also don’t have to go into all the warnings about STDs, right? Many lot lizards are women who have had the minimal amount of health care, if at all, and many will exhibit active infections, contagious sores, fungal reactions and worse. So if you do actually fall to momentary temptation, double bag it.

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Click on the image below to have a look at the infographic – but remember – it’s a BIG IMAGE, so if you’re on a slow connection or a mobile phone, be patient! ‘Til next time, truck drivers!

7 Deadly Lot Lizards Infographic
Click on this image to see the full size version from CDL Life at Imgur.

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