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Infographic: Truck Driver Myths


There’s a lot of misinformation about Truckers out there. Truck drivers have a tough job, filled with government regulations, inattentive drivers, hazardous weather and pitfalls at every turn. Somehow they make a living out of it.

We at CDLLife are dedicated to improving the public image of truckers and the transportation industry. We began because we thought there was simply too much disinformation out there that unfairly made truckers look bad. We know better.

Our friends at Trucker To Trucker put some common misconceptions of trucking life in this informative infographic that should do well to silence predatory professionals like anti-trucking law offices and regulatory bureaus who simply don’t understand (or intentionally ignore) the realities of the professional trucker, and all they have to deal with from day to day.

What’s one of the best statistics we took away from this informative infographic? Most likely the one about how truck drivers are ONE THIRD less likely to be the culprit in traffic accidents. That says a lot, and we back it with all of our heart.


Trucker To Trucker


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