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Iowa Waives CDL Drive Skills Test For Members of the Military


A bill has just passed in Iowa that will waive the drive skills test for military veterans hoping to obtain a career in trucking.

According to the bill, to be eligible, the applicant must:

  • Have separated from the service in the last 90 days.
  • Have not had more than one driver’s license, other than a military license.
  • Have not had any driver’s license suspended, revoked or cancelled.
  • Have not been convicted of an offense committed while operating any type of motor vehicle that is listed as a disqualifying offense.
  • Have not had more than one conviction for an offense committed while operation any type of motor vehicle that is listed as a serious traffic violation.
  • Have  not had a conviction for a violation of a state or local law relating to motor vehicle traffic control, other than parking violations, arising in connection with any traffic accident and has no record of a traffic accident.
  • Be regularly employed or was employed within the last 90 days in a military position requiring operation of a commercial motor vehicle.
  • The applicant was operating a motor vehicle representative of the class of motor vehicles the applicant  operates or expects to operate, for at least two years immediately preceding honorable separation from military service as evidenced by a person’s certificate of release or discharge from active duty.

Although the bill waives the driver skills exam, applicants must complete and pass the knowledge test. 


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