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June Trucker Buddy of the Month Announced


Trucker Buddy International OutreachPam Grady, a second grade teacher with Aurora Elementary School along with her class nominated Todd Fisher, a driver for Holland Enterprises to be the Trucker Buddy of the Month.

Ms. Grady comments, “My class is writing to recommend our trucker buddy, Mr. Todd Fisher, be selected as the Trucker Buddy of the Month. Mr. Fisher has been my class trucker buddy for over five years. He has always done a wonderful job writing to my students. He visits the classroom, helps the students, and shares stories about his travels.

I have been lucky to have Mr. Fisher as a trucker buddy in my classroom. Before Mr. Fisher was a truck driver, he was a teacher. How fortunate for my students! Mr. Fisher is able to relate to them as students, he challenges them to find answers to his questions, and when he visits he is always willing to help with their class work.”

Ms. Grady’s class always welcomes Trucker Buddy Todd as a guest to their class. The students enjoy his visits and are
always looking forward to seeing him. Fisher is also a Trucker Buddy Ambassador and helps spread the work about Trucker
Buddy while on the road and at trade shows.

One student wrote:  “Our Trucker Buddy, Mr. Fisher is really nice. He let us get inside his truck and look around.  Mr. Fisher gave
us presents at Christmas.  He tells us stories about his travels and helps us with our work.”
Another student wrote: “Our Trucker Buddy is the best ever!  He is so nice.  For Christmas he gave us Trucker Buddy mugs.
He also tells us stories about what he does and what he sees.  He even let our class inside his truck and let us look inside.
One time he even helped us do our work.  Please, please, please pick Mr. Fisher.  Please!  Have a good day and please
pick Mr. Fisher.”

If you’re interested in participating in this wonderful program, follow this link to the Trucker Buddy International website.


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