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Made in America: Websites That Sell Only American Made Products


Websites That Sell Only American Made ProductsIt’s getting harder and harder to find products made in the U.S. For example, did you know that many American flags are actually manufactured in China!

We’ve found a website that only sells products that are made in America– it’s called KeepAmerica.com.  The site sells nearly everything you’re looking for.  They offer automotive products, pet supplies, clothing and much, much more.

According to the site, if all Americans spent about $30 a month on American made products, in 2012, we could collectively create over 1 million jobs in the United States!

There are many other sites devoted to offering American made products.  According to the American’s Working website, the following online stores offer only American made products.

All information taken from the American’s Working site. Websites That Sell Only American Made Products

Websites Specializing in American Made Products

Always Made in USA offers products Made in the USA including men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, tools, furniture and more all American Made. Always Made in USA also donates 10% of their profit to the Children of fallen Soldiers relief fund.

Luxe and Liberty strives to be the first resort for American-made home furnishings by offering the most compelling combination of value, selection, service and convenience. Every item offered at Luxe and Liberty is beautifully designed, produced with premium-quality materials, and proudlymost compelling combination of value, selection, service and convenience. Every item offered at Luxe and Liberty is beautifully designed, produced with premium-quality materials, and proudly made in America. We select only superior products, representing our customer’s discerning taste, which are intended for a lifetime of use.

The New England Trading Company, Ltd. Every item we offer you is made in New England, most are handcrafted by artisans of various trades. Each item is hand-selected for it’s superior quality, superb craftsmanship, or unique artistry.

All-American Baby! We are your exclusive provider of ONLY American-made baby products for your baby and toddler: toys, clothes, furniture, and accessories, all Made in the USA.

BuyAmerican.com The BuyAmerican.com store offers ONLY products that are manufactured in the USA. Each item appearing on the site has the manufacturer´s guarantee that it adheres to governmentstandards permitting it to be labeled “Made in America.” The “Made in America” insignia has alwaysrepresented quality and craftsmanship to consumers both nationally and internationally. The storeoffers a one stop shopping experience for products made exclusively in America.

Great Stuff for Kids! “Our made in the USA” toys are fun and educational. All of our designs are produced by skilled craftsman who are dedicated to crafting the finest toys in America. Here youwill find the classics you remember from your childhood, such as Jacks, Marbles, Wooden BuildingBlocks, Tiddlywinks and many others of your favorites. We feature educational toys that focus onscience and nature, for creative and imaginative play. Whatever your interests, we have a unique, high quality, American Made toy, game or puzzle for you!  Visit our site often as we are constantly adding new and exciting American Made Great Stuff for Kids!

MADE IN AMERICA ONLY Lots of great American Made items. Check them out.

thebootpro.com is a full service distributor with the capability to supply individuals, small and large business and federal agencies with occupational safety for law enforcement, fire & rescue, military,industry, assembly, construction and office personnel.We are a small family-owned business. Weare registered with Dun & Bradstreet. We are US Government CCR Certified. We are a Departmentof Defense supplier. We are EDI compatible. Building America’s Premiere Work Boot Web Site.

Made In USA Warehouse was founded in 2007 as a collaborative effort to create the largest source available for purchasing American made Products.  We have aligned ourselves with numerousreputable American companies to offer Honest Products at Honest Prices.  It is our privilege toshow loyalty to American manufacturing companies who continue to manufacture their goods in theUnited States.  The concept of offering an outlet for American consumers to show this simple act ofpatriotism appeals to many Americans.  Please join us in the pursuit of continued Americanprosperity by trying to purchase American made goods supplying jobs to American workers.  The United States has given so much too so many and it is vital we keep Americans working to guarantee the future of this great country.  Our products are chosen specifically from American owned companies with Americans producing the end product.

AmeriKid.com is your  online source for American-made toys and gifts. We carry a huge selection of safe, quality gifts, games and toys made in USA.

MadeinAmericaStuff.com An e-retail site dedicated to those that hand make or manufacture products in America . From apparel to windsocks, their focus is to promote American madeproducts. They offer a section on their site called “Water Towers across America “, where anyAmerican town can add images, history, and a link to promote their town / area at no cost. Eventsand interesting places can also be added to help others find things to do in the area. Remember;Don’t Forget the “Stuff” TM…

The American Toy Store carries only one thing…Fun Made in the USA. Every product carried in our retail store in Manitou Springs CO and in our online store which was made in the USA byAmericans. With over 1000 unique toys and games we are the largest all American Toy Store in theworld.

Sierra Valley Trading Company is a growing, friendly company located in the largest alpine valley in North America, the beautiful Sierra Valley of California. We live here for many reasons, not the leastof which is the pioneer spirit that guided the discovery and settling of  this special place. Tosurround ourselves with what we love – a place of pastoral beauty in the midst of straightforwardand time-honored American values is truly a privilege. Our products are drawn only from Americancompanies, some of which, have been manufacturing for over 100 years. There’s a differencebetween cheap imports and quality American made goods. We only offer products that we useourselves, and proudly, only products that are labeled  MADE IN USA.

American Pride Clothing Company  We proudly retail only 100% American made apparel and accessories.  Our shirts are made in Pennsylvania with domestic materials, shoes made in Georgia ancaps in Colorado.  Buy American!!

American Made Gift Store our gift store has AFFORDABLE purses, lap quilts, soy candles, organic soaps, embroidered hand towels and placemats, Christmas & snowman Tees, and more made righthere in the mountains of North Carolina.  Our purses and handbags are genuine one of kingoriginals.  Every effort is made to assure the highest quality gifts, we back our products with amoney back guarantee.   New gift items are coming… jewelry and stained glass to name of few.

Do you know any other stores that only sell American made products?  Share them with us!


















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