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Las Cruces Residents Ordered to Pay Up or Else


Residents of Las Cruces, New Mexico, are being warned to pay their traffic tickets or get their utilities turned off.

In the face of a $2-million debt owed by those given red light tickets, the city began scouring for ways to make the perps pay, when one studious council member found a municipal code that read, “The city may decline, fail or cease to furnish utility service to any person who may be in debt to the city for any reason, except ad valorem taxes and special assessments,”  ABC News reported.

The Huffington Post reported that the city has already began sending out warning letters, threatening that if residents don’t pay up, the city will cut off their water and sewer.

“You are hereby advised that, unless the [red light camera] fines are paid or other satisfactory payment arrangements are made with the City on or before (date) the City will terminate all current City-provided utility service to the residence,” an example letter reads.

Naturally, Las Cruces residents are angry over the city’s decision to cut off utilities.

Many other cities across the country are experiencing a budged deficit. Is it fair to cut off a persons access to water and sewer because they have outstanding tickets? You decide.






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