Speed Freak Gets Tickets

Speed Freak Earns TicketsLas Vegas lead-foot Jose Romero-Valenzuela, 34, was issued three speeding tickets in one hour. The first ticket cites Romero-Valenzuela was clocked at 105 mph, the second says he was clocked at 98 mph and the third ticket says he was clocked at 92 mph.

After the third ticket, Romero-Valenzuela eased up on the accelerator and was clocked by a forth trooper at 65 mph, the posted speed limit for Interstate 84 in Columbia River Gorge.

Court dockets show Romero-Valenzuela was scheduled to appear in court in Oregon City, south of Portland, to face meth charges.

If convicted,Romero-Valenzuela could face more than $2,000 in fines and penalties, as well as a 90 day suspension of his license.

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