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Lawmakers Call for Fuel Price Fixing Investigation


Originally posted at OOIDA Land Line
Originally posted at Land Line Magazine online.

Assembly Democrats Wayne DeAngelo and Benjie Wimberly have called on the New Jersey state Attorney General to begin an investigation in what they deem as unfair price fixing in a state that already has some of the highest fuel prices in the nation.

As Keith Goble at Land Line reports Friday, the national average price of fuel in September averaged nearly twice the cost of fuel between 2000 and 2009. In the past month, fuel prices are more than a dollar higher than two years ago.

An effort halfway through the statehouse would urge the state Attorney General to investigate whether price fixing in the sale of motor fuels, including diesel, is responsible for the escalation and fluctuation of fuel prices in New Jersey since January 2009.

Assembly lawmakers voted 74-4 to advance the resolution – AR15 – to the Senate for further consideration.

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