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Lindsay Lohan Lied About Wreck with Truck Driver


Porsche Determines that Lindsay Lohan Lied about Brake Failure
Would you trust this young lady with your car?

Last month we ran an interesting little tidbit about headline stealer / professional mess Lindsay Lohan. It seems that Lohan was driving home in a Porsche with her publicist when she rammed into the back of a semi truck (the driver was unharmed, Lohan suffered minor scrapes). Lohan claims the truck driver cut her off. The trucker fired off a rebuttal denying every word, which made the police look a bit closer at the events.

Then Lohan did something really stupid – she changed her story.

The imploding actress complicated things for herself further by saying that the brakes in her rented Porsche sports car failed and caused her to wreck into the truck driver’s payload, demolishing the front end of the vehicle. This caused the police to take pause, so Porsche decided to step in and run some authorized tests.

Wouldn’t you know, it seems the car’s brake system works perfectly and police now feel that this corroborates the truck driver’s initial claims that he was hit by Lohan at high speed while she was driving recklessly. The tests conducted by Porsche can be used as evidence in court, if Lindsay Lohan decides she’s still the smartest person in the room and thinks she doesn’t have to pay up, the test results could make things very interesting during legal negotiations.

This should probably be filed under “Truck Drivers Are 100% Unsurprised.”

Lindsay Lohan Lied About Porsche Brake Failure
The wrecked Porsche sports car that Lohan rammed into a truck driver at high speed.

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