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Lost Driver Makes Destructive Mistake


GPS Leads Driver Astray Technology is not infallible and neither are people, both make mistakes. Last month, we told you about a truck driver who followed the directions his GPS provided and drove over a historic bridge, causing tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. 

On Tuesday, a Swift driver was traveling on Route 724, headed  to a K-Mart in Spring Township, Pennsylvania, when his GPS alerted him that he was traveling in the wrong direction. He decided he needed to turn around.  The driver then turned into the parking lot of the newly built Bellco Federal Credit Union in Berks County.

Unfortunately, the parking lot was not big enough to accommodate the truck.  In the process of turning around, the driver knocked a stop sign on its side, uprooted a tree, buckled the concrete, drove over a concrete light, and hit the drive thru roof.

According to WFMZ-TV, when the driver hit the concrete light, he blew out a tire.  Once all the damage was done to the truck and  credit union, the driver’s truck was left inoperable.

Despite the damage, the credit union still planned to host its ribbon cutting ceremony that evening.

Watch video of the incident.



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