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Man Beats Rigged Carnival Games; Donates Prizes to Needy Kids


Peter Drakos Carnival Game Winner
Peter Drakos beats another rigged system at Cedar Point Amusement Park.

Normally amusement park game stewards put a smirk on their faces when they see people belly up to play for prizes. Game stewards know the odds are in their favor. When Peter Drakos walks up, those smirks usually disappear. The news is bad – they’re about to be cleaned out. How?

Peter Drakos is widely considered to be the best carnival game player in the world. He rarely loses. He hauls home mountains of toys and stuffed animals for his trouble. So why isn’t Mr. Drakos being featured on A&E’s “Hoarders”? He donates every single prize to charities for needy and disadvantaged children.

Conservative estimates of his charitable donations place the number of toys given at around 230,000. Peter picks from around 50 of his favorite charities each time he brings a load of game winnings home. So basically the guy who is an amusement park’s worst nightmare is a disadvantaged child’s dream come true.

Have a look at how he does it. And hey truck drivers, anyone feel like volunteering to help him haul his winnings to the next charity event?


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