Man shoots himself to test a bullet proof vest
[box type=”warning”] This is not safe and should never, ever be tried by any one, at any time, at any place. [/box]

Man shoots himself to test a bullet proof vestThis video is going viral online. Recently reposted by the Huffington Post and other large media outlets, the clip shows a man of questionable sanity testing the resilience of a bullet-resistant vest. How you might ask?  By firing a bullet into his abdomen at point blank range.

It’s clear by his reaction that, although the bullet didn’t pierce the armor, he is in a state of major discomfort for some time after the shot was fired. A bullet can go through an engine block, and the distribution of force from the bullet onto the bones and internal organs can cause serious internal trauma.

Shooting a 10mm into your belly to test your body armor is like crashing your car at 60 MPH to test your air bag. Reckless, risky, and possibly deadly. -YouTube comment

[youtube url=”″ title=”Man%20shoots%20self%20to%20test%20bullet%20proof%20vest”]


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