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Man Throws Himself Under Truck’s Tires


Drugged Man Throws Himself Under Truck's Tires On Tuesday, Idaho State Trooper Jens Pattis pulled over Robert Solario for speeding.

According to police, when Solario pulled over, he jumped from his car and fled across the interstate.

At the same time Nicky Adams– who was headed westbound on I-84–witnessed the trooper chasing the man, slowed down to 25 mph and turned his pickup truck into the median.

“It looked like he was going to get into it and rough the trooper up. Then he bolts,” Adams told KTVB.

“The next thing you know, he came up to the side of my truck and disappeared,” said Adams. “The trooper later told me he turned around, looked at him, put his hand down, and threw his body under my front wheel. I was going so slow, it didn’t go over him. All the weight’s in the front on a diesel. It just pushed him on the asphalt and it chewed his stomach up pretty bad.”

Adams told the station that Trooper Pattis then made his way across the intersection and attempted to help the bloodied Solario, however, despite a gaping stomach wound and ripped off clothing, Solario again tried fleeing.

“This guy was wired,” Adams told KTVB “He was determined to get away.”

Adams and the trooper were able to chase Solario down, however, Trooper Pattis was unable to get cuffs on the man.

“It looked like he was going to get the upperhand on the trooper so I ran down and tackled him on his feet, and I was holding him there,” said Adams. “It took both of us all we had to hold him down.”

Adams told KTVB that he helped Trooper Pattis hold Solario for about ten minutes until paramedics arrived to take him away.

“Police say they found “a felony amount” of drugs in Solario’s car. Adams says there was a duffel bag full of marijuana and meth hidden in aerosol canisters,” KTVB reported.

Solario was taken to a local hospital where he was listed in critical condition.

If you’re unable to access this video, follow this link to KTVB.


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