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Missouri Bill 443 Will Impact CDL Holders


Missouri Lawmakers Regulate Truck Drivers

On the first bills of the year to pass through the senate in Missouri is Transportation Bill 443.  The bill proposes the streamlining of the Missouri Commercial Driver’s license and the Missouri Medical Examination Card into one– this would eliminate the ned for CDL holders to carry their medical card, as the medical certification information would be included in their driver’s record.

The Missouri Department of Revenue will maintain all the necessary records.  Until the bill is approved and all systems are in place, all Missouri CDL holders must continue to carry their medical cards with them.  Of course, those traveling across state lines must still carry both cards.

The bill will also change “failure to appear” rulings for CDL holders. The bill states, “Under current law, if a person fails to timely dispose of a traffic ticket, the court will notify the director of revenue of such fact and the director will suspend the offender’s driver’s license until such time the person settles the matter by paying the fines and applicable court costs. Upon proof of disposition of the charges, and payment of a reinstatement fee, the director will return the license and remove the suspension from the person’s driver’s record. This act modifies this provision so that a commercial motor vehicle operator or a holder of a commercial driver’s license will not be eligible to have such a suspension removed from his or her driving record.” 

Another part of the bill calls for the transfer of $60 million from the state’s legal fund to its transportation fund to help repair Missouri roads.


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