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Money Challenges Drivers’ Morals


Imagine you’re driving down the highway and, out of the corner of your eye, you notice money flittering through the air, lots of it.  What do you do?  That the moral dilemma Maryland drivers on Interstate 270, about 35 miles northwest of Washington, were tested with.

A bag of bills totaling $5,700 had just fallen out of the back of a Garda World Security Services Corp. truck and were floating through the air and littering the side of the highway.

According the the Associated Press, “One witness said she saw about 30 cars pulled over on the shoulders and people frantically collecting fistfuls of cash. Police say the motorists grabbed almost all of it. Others kept driving.”

The Maryland Police urged the public to return the money, but as of Monday no one had.

What would you do?  Would you keep driving?  Would you grab up as much as you could, or would you keep on driving?

The Associated Press asked people off the street the same question.  See how your answer matches up with theirs?




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