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NASCAR Big Rig Truck Drivers


Only the best truck drivers in the business get a job that demands so much. The cargo is fragile, insanely expensive, fits into the payload like a jigsaw, and you can never, EVER be late to your destination. Welcome to the world of NASCAR Racer hauling.

When your a NASCAR Race Team truck driver, you not only bring the show to town, but you also have to act as storage facility, repair shop, restaurant, meeting room and viewing platform — all within the 80,000-pound weight limit mandated by the FMCSA. Are you that versatile? Not many truck drivers are.

What’s the average cost of the payload that NASCAR Team Truck Drivers haul? $2.1 million dollars.

Anyway – We know our truck driver readers love NASCAR, and they love pictures of trucks, so we thought, “Why not combine two favorites in one fun slide show?” These are NASCAR transport trucks from the modern and classic eras. We hope you enjoy them!

‘Til next time, truckers!


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