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New Jersey Bill Would Make It Illegal To Drive With Unrestrained Pet


Traveling With Pets Many truck drivers and motorists alike travel with their fury friends.  A bill that’s been proposed in New Jersey would make it illegal to drive with an unrestrained pet.

Assemblywoman Grace Spencer drafted A322, a bill that would make it a civil offense to travel with an unrestrained pet.  When she first introduced the bill, if a person were caught driving with an unrestrained animal, they would have faced animal abuse charges; however, Assemblyman Jay Webber has proposed the bill exclude the animal cruelty charge.

If passed, violators will be slapped with a $25 fine.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Spencer was motivated to get the bill passed after she heard a story from her veterinarian about a dog that had gotten its leg broken when the vehicle it was riding in came to an abrupt stop.

In 2008, California lawmakers actually passed such a bill into law, but then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed it and many suspect New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will do the same.

According to the Examiner, last month, Governor Christie was speaking on the radio show  “Ask the Governor.” When asked what he thought of the proposed bill, Christie said, “They’re actually spending their time on this, Christie said.” “Let’s not cut taxes, let’s not plug the holes in the property-tax cap. Let’s not get shared services so we can reduce property taxes. Let’s not pass ethics reform so these part-time legislators will have to tell you what money they’re getting and where they’re getting it from.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, the  AAA’s online survey was based on answers from 1,000 dog owners who had driven with their dogs in the previous year. Beth Mosher, an AAA spokeswoman, said preventing a dog from running loose in a moving vehicle is safer for the dog in the event of a sudden stop or accident.

Truckers, how do you feel about the proposed ban?


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