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New Survey Shows More Carriers Complying with CSA Regulations


A recent study done by the Truck Capital Partners reveals that 65% of carriers are taking the necessary steps to comply with CSA regulations.  The same study, done in 2010, showed that only 50% were actively working toward compliance.  

TCP partner and survey founder, Richard Mikes, said, “The agility of the trucking industry to adapt to change has been clearly evident with new safety methods and cooperation from drivers in a true team effort.”

The survey shows that in spite of the added expense,  55% of carriers are investing in technology to help monitor drivers, 78% of carriers are  providing for better training,so they understand how CSA 2010 can affect their careers and 63% are changing how sub-performing driving is monitored.

“Driver screening and training is now at the forefront, and the pool if qualified driver talent is shrinking before our eyes.  Drivers control their own destiny, more now than ever,” Lanna Battles, TCP partner, said.

CSA 2010, is here to stay.  With the right training and support, drivers will have more opportunity to ensure a good CSA score.

From: Trucking Info.



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