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Nitrogen Infused Tire Sealant Now Available In U.S.


Nitrogen Infused Tire Sealant Now Available In U.S. Lynden, WA (PRWEB) October 26, 2012

For the first time in North America, trailers tires,logging tires, mine tires and industrial/Agri grade tires can reap the benefits of Nitrogen infusion and sealant sealing ½” punctures. Tire Lyna TCC manufacturer, Lyna Manufacturing is introducing Nitrogen Infused Tire Lyna Sahara today at the USA-Canada border crossing in Lynden, Wa.

The latest product to Lyna’s product line, NitrogenInfused Tire Lyna Sahara is the result of 5 years of real world experience and the latest in scientific laboratory testing. Nitrogen Infused Tire Lyna Sahara is specifically designed for use on Commercial trailers, logging trucks, mining trucks and industrial/agri-turf equipment tires. Scientist have long heralded the benefits of nitrogen-inflated tires; as laboratory studies have consistently shown time after time that when compared to traditional compressed air, nitrogen enriched tires maintain air pressure longer.

“The trucking industry faces a real challenge. 78% of compressed air is nitrogen, yet the industry has not adapted to make room for the innovations being made scientifically because when a tire has suffered a road side flat, nitrogen is lost and it is usually replaced with compressed air making the tires run uneven,” commented Noorez Devraj, President and Founder of Lyna Manufacturing.

Marcel Konings of Lyna Manufacturing was in Northern Alberta last week with Darren O’Reilly ofFountain tires and noticed Logging truck tires and mining truck tires suffer mostly from stone drilled punctures and therefore loss of tire treads and premature wear is very costly. With nitrogen infused Tire Lyna Sahara, you don’t have that problem—the tires will retain air and tire treads will last longer.

Ask your Tire Lyna TCC tire dealer about a tire inflated with Nitrogen Infused Tire Lyna or contact us at sales(at)tirelyna(dot)com for more information.

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About Lyna Manufacturing:
Lyna Manufacturing is a tire safety and tire casing solution company that began in 1994. Their mission is to produce and market cost-effective, environmentally-friendly tire safety and tire casing solutions that help increase the productivity of their customers while decreasing the volume of tires being prematurely discarded into landfills each year. Since then, they have been delivering superior tire casing solutions for transport fleets, industrial, OTR and mining tires. To see what Lyna Manufacturing can do for you, visithttp://www.tirelyna.com.

Available in multiple, easy-to-use applications, Tire Lyna TCC products are non-flammable, eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Tire Lyna TCC is fast becoming one of the most sought after products for proactive transport fleets, exploring “Green” products for sustainability issues, lowering operational expenses and fuel expense. Tire Lyna provides the highest quality scientifically engineered casing solution that is made with an unconditional performance guarantee. Tire Lyna simply out performs.


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