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Ohio Pitbull Laws: Dogs No Longer a Public Threat


Ohio Lifts Pit Bull Ban

Ohio: Pitbull Laws Say Dogs Aren’t a Public Threat

Pit bulls have long had a bad reputation and have been banned from living in many cities across the country, but new Ohio pitbull laws declare the breed is no longer a public threat.

The new law takes effect this week and states that pit bulls will no longer be labeled a “vicious” breed.

“When pit bulls were labeled vicious, residents who love their dogs were afraid to take their dogs out in public,” says Marlo Slusarski. Slusarski is the Director of Community Outreach for For the Love of Pits, a nonprofit rescue group based in Northeast Ohio.

Ohio Overturns Dangerous Breed Law

This week, the Ohio senate overturned Ohio pitbull laws that defined the breed “dangerous and vicious,” by a 27 to 5 vote. The bill, House Bill 14, will redefine how dogs are labeled “vicious,” “dangerous” and a “nuisance” without regard to a specific breed.

However, the law will not superseded local laws that currently ban the breed, but it will allow pit bull owners to be eligible for standard insurance premiums and allow shelters and adoption groups to advocate for the adoption of pit bulls who need new homes. If you would like to know more about adopting a pit bull terrier, you can find more information at Pit Bull Rescue Central, a website that educates people about the breed and provides a comprehensive list of rescue shelters by state.

The bill comes on the heels of a story about a pit bull named Lily who saved her owner’s life.  Read more about Lily here.

Drivers, how do you think cities and states should define what dogs are considered vicious and a threat to public safety? Should the laws be breed specific, or should they be behavior specific?






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