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Photo Fun: Small Exploding Things


Taking Pictures of Blowing Things Up
Seeing red yet?

Alan Sailer does some strange things after work. His job is your garden variety engineering stuff from plans type of thing during the day. At night, he goes home to his Camarillo, CA home and takes pictures of things people normally wouldn’t think about photographing.

That’s all good and well. Many of us photograph things that only a handful of our Facebook friends find even remotely remarkable. “Another taco pizza picture, Dan? At least keep it in focus!” Happens all the time.

But one day, someone from ABC’s Good Morning America happened across one of his photos while doing an internet search. They decided to make his photo sets a feature headline during their morning broadcast. This meant millions of hits on his website, a big server crash, the whole 9 yards. It ruled, but it sucked. You get the idea.

So now Sailer has moved his crazy flash photography sets over to Flickr (we like the service too, we have our own page), and now they have to worry about all the bandwidth usage. It’s kind of their thing.

Anyway, here’s the strange mind of Sailer at work while he explodes small items like doll heads, Red Bull cans, Christmas ornaments and breakfast cereal sides. It’s colorful and creepy all at once. Enjoy!

If you can’t get the slideshow below to work, just visit the page directly at Flickr here.

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