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Photo Set: Classic Race Cars


Classic American Race Car PhotosToday’s sport cars are more fuel efficient and lightweight, much like newer trucks. However, unlike most newer trucks, the newer sport cars are nearly as fast and powerful as the classic models from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Yet there’s just something about the feel and sound of that old Detroit iron.

So today we’re journeying back through the ether and taking a look at some of the legendary (and not so legendary) racers that thrilled audiences throughout recent history.

In this set are some classic NASCAR racers, NHRA drag cars, F1, and some other odds and ends. We’ve got pics of Mario Andretti’s Indy racer, Richard Petty’s Plymouth Superbird, vintage Shelby Cobras and some straight up bad ass heavy metal.

American race car culture is like nothing else in the world. They did everything faster, with more style and muscle than any other league in the world. So check out these blasters from the past, and let us know what your all time favorite racer was on our Facebook group. We love to hear from you, truck drivers!


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