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Photo Set: Vintage Truck Stops


Vintage Truck Stop Pictures CDL LifeWe’ve asked our loyal truck drivers on the CDL Life Facebook page many times: What was the best decade to drive a truck? The answer usually comes in the form of “Not this one, that’s for go***mn certain!” Could be, could be…

While good economic news is still eluding the trucking industry, aside from a slight upturn in active truck driver employment rates, it got us thinking about the past again. The days of non-emission controlled engines, flat-faced Macks, nickle coffee, jukeboxes that played records, creative CB chatter and an all-around life of freedom may be gone for good.

So on that note – we decided to bring you a new photoset of the old days – vintage truck stops of North America.

We think you’ll love them. If you can’t see the images in the slideshow below, just follow this link to our Flickr site.

‘Till next time, truckers!


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